OH2 VERY slow to process zwave commands

Hi all,

I’m trying to move to OH2 from OH 1.8, mainly because of the Amazon Echo binding.

However, while my OH 1.8 setup reacts to zwave commands in milliseconds, it takes OH2 literally 50 seconds (!!) to respond to a zwave command!

I’m sure there must be something wrong with my setup, but I have no clue where to look.

Any ideas?


The logfile is always a good place to start - it will be full of ideas ;).

Probably something is timing out and this is delaying things. It might be a database issue, or something else. Really though, without the logfile, we’re just guessing… If you can provide the log (full log from startup with debug enabled) I’ll take a look.

Makes sense :slight_smile:

I’ve started a session with a clean log file. Turned my lights (zwave node 21) on and off a few times. Took 40-50 seconds.

openhab.log.xml (25.8 KB)
events.log.xml (130.9 KB)

Hope that you can find something in there.

Unfortunately this isn’t a debug log so there’s not much that I can say. There are a lot of timeouts though, so this is the reason it’s taking so long to get things through.

Okay. I used start_debug.bat so figured that would be enough to get a debug log. Anything else I need to do to get a debug log?

I also noticed the timeouts. I just don’t understand why I’m getting all these timeouts with OH2 and not with OH 1.8 :unamused:

Start debug doesn’t change the logging - it enables a debug interface…

To enable debug you need to log on to the console, and type the following command -:

log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave

Seems like I have exactly the same issue as described in this thread here: HABmin2, no zwave option and trouble connecting to the controller

Also lots of timeouts for NODE 255 and no zwave xml files except for the first. However, unfortunately no answer in that thread either.

events.log.xml (275.6 KB)
openhab.log.xml (1021.3 KB)

I had the problem of XML not created. But safter a while, it was created. myabe leave OH2 for a night.