OH2 vs. Habmin2

Hi there,

just getting started with OH2. The installation worked perfectly and now i want
to get habmin2 work.

I downloaded the latest .jar File from github an put it into the add-on directory.

Different restarts did not make that the Webinterface appears at: ip:8080/habmin .

Could anyone give me an advice where my mistake is?

If habmin2 is installed correctly you will find the habmin2 icon at http://<ip>:8080

Thanks for your reply.

How do i install habmin2 correctly? I just put the .jar File in the addon
folder and restarted openhab2. Is there anything more to do?
Am 08.02.2016 07:30 schrieb “SiHui” bot@community.openhab.org:

You should be fine using the official install instructions: https://github.com/cdjackson/HABmin2#openhab-2
Don’t forget to put both habmin jar’s in your addons folder …
Also make sure you have the correct file size:
Continuing the discussion from Habmin2 fails to open?:


tank you - the second thread helped me. Now habmin2 starts correct.

But another thin appeared:

I start habmin2 and click on the Sitemaps menu. then i want to add a new sitemap - but nothing happens. I thought there should pop up an window where to type the ne sitemaps name - but in my case simply nothing happens. I tested with Safari, Firefox and Chrome - but in every browser the same result: nothing.

Could you help me again?

Thank You :slight_smile:

Habmin2 does not support to edit sitemap (yet?)