OH2 Wave - how to put controller in inclusion mode?

I’m trying to find a way to put my controller (Z-Stick gen5) in inclusion mode without unplugging it from OpenHAB. Running ZWave 2.0 (snapshot) + latest HABmin snapshot.

With the 1.8 binding+HABmin I had the option to put the controller in inclusion mode but cannot find this function in the new HABmin.

I see a number of actions are available on the ZWave Controller device (but no inclusion mode…):

  • Soft Reset Controller
  • Hard Reset Controller
  • Exclude Devices

From the karaf installed bundles list:
10 | Active | 80 | | HABmin User Interface
143 | Active | 80 | | ZWave Binding

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To include a device into OH2 using either HABmin or PaperUI, you need to use the OH2 discovery function - this is common for all bindings.

To add to Chris’ reply, the control to launch the OH2 discovery function looks like a magnifying glass with a “+” in the middle of it and is located in the top bar, to the right of the HABmin logo.