OH2 where are my items?

hi guys, i need a bit of help please.

I’ve added all my zwave devices, and a few others. i can control all devices, which is great.

however, there is no item file. i assumed this would be created automatically during thre setup process.

when im using OH designer, im getting errors stating items dont exist…but then i havent got an items file.

should i recreate my items file in full so that rules work??



If you added/created things through paperui, then you don’t have any item files. They’re stored in an internal json database.

Never used OH desginer (never got it working properly) so can’t help you with that part. May be that it doesn’t support working with OH2 paperui added items/things.

Thanks Darren,

What do people use to create rules ?

What version of designer are you using? If you are using v0.90 then you will need to revert to v0.80 as there are problems with the latest version and I think this was one of the issues.

Rules are created in the standard way with .rules files. I usually get the item names through the item section in habmin.

Or, you can install the experimental rules extension. Available under extensions->misc in paperui. I’ve just started messing with that for simple rules.

hmmm, my rules that ive copied fron 1.8.1 aren’t triggering. i thought they should just work?