OH2 Yamaha Zone2 constant discovery and incorrectly changing Main Zone

Hi Folks!

Finally decided to make the move to OH2 and while I definitely agree there was a learning curve and I’m still figuring out a few things I’ve gotten almost everything to work including Alexa/hue emulation.

However I’m running into an issue with the Yamaha Receiver binding that is available in PaperUI. Thus far I have Installed the Yamaha binding and was able to discover the Main Zone and then subsequently Zone 2. I’ve successfully tied these things/channels to items and I am able to control the main zone through my sitemap and paperui.

My issue is that the Zone2 Thing and its channels all seem to control the Main Zone and do nothing for Zone2. This remains true whether I operate it directly through the paperui or through custom sitemap definitions. I’ve attached some logs and screen shots and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I’ve also noticed that after confirming a newly discovered YamahaZone2 Thing, PaperUI will later inform me of another Zone2 discovery which represents another duplicate/copy of Zone2 Thing.

Below is what I see for the Channels for each Yamaha Reciever Thing. the formatting on the end appears to be a little different from what I’ve seen in documentation, I’ve tried manually changing colons/capitlization within the items file, but have not had any success.

Channel: Main Zone Power


Channel: Zone 2 Power



Has anyone out there successfully gotten the Yamaha OH2 binding to work for zones other than the main zone?


I am having the same problem, and it does not matter if I use the PaperUI to link the Zone_2 thing and its associated channels to my items or if I manually code them separately in my items folder. All Zone_2 controls change the state of the main zone only, and there is endless discovery of new Zone2 items.

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Hey all,

I will have a look at the multi zone support. It may indeed be broken. If there is no bug report yet, please open one on https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues.



Thank you. I just saw another thread on this same topic and commented there as well. Another person already opened the issue, but if you need any further information from me I am happy to provide it.

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yes, this was me. See here:

I opened already an issue on Github.