OH2 Z-Wave item binding config doesn't work


I have a problem with my configuration and I need some help.

I’ve succesfully included some Fibaro devices on my Razeberry with OH2. I can see all parameters and configurations of the devices in HABmin:

and I can turn on the light by using the HABmin GUI or the PaperUI:
10:11:27.373 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item 'zwave_device_controller_node2_switch_binary' received command ON

but not by using the BasicUI with my own sitemap. So I must have a configuration or understanding problem with the binding config.

thats my test.items

Switch FibaroSwitch “Fibaro Relay” {zwave=“2:command=switch_binary”}
Switch FibaroSwitch1 “Relay 1” {zwave=“2:1:command=switch_binary”}
Switch FibaroSwitch2 “Relay 2” {zwave=“2:2:command=switch_binary”}

and test.sitemaps

sitemap home label=“test”
Frame label=“Test”
Switch item=FibaroSwitch
Switch item=FibaroSwitch1
Switch item=FibaroSwitch2

I tried many configurations but nothing work. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

By teh wacx my other bindings for example GPIO works fine

Switch gpioShutterNr_INCREASE { gpio=“pin:19” }

Many thanks in advance for your kind support

so now I reinstall opnehab2 by unzipping the snapshot, installing(copy) HABmin again, add and configure the controller and add only one fibaro switch again, but I still have the problem!

So probable it’s just a little thing but before I’m going crazy is there anybody who has an idea to solve my problem???

The binding config in an items file is different for OH 2 bindings. In Paper UI, go to Configuration -> Things. Click on a Thing name to view the list of channels for that Thing.

Your item config needs to change from:

{ zwave=“2:command=switch_binary” }

to something like:

{ channel=“zwave:device:32dd709e:node2:switch_binary” }

That’s just an example from my setup.

thanks for your awnser. So I tried it yesterday with th change to {channel=""} and check out the name from PaperUI and it works!

But I really don’t understand why {zwave=""} doesn’t work. In the thread “Testing Z-Wave binding on openHAB-2” are many configurations like mine.

It’s just the difference between the OH 1 binding and OH 2 binding. That thread has been going on for quite some time, and I know many people post examples of previously working OH 1 configs to see what they need to change to get it working with 2.

The general anatomy of the relationships in OH 2 is bindings discover things, things provide channels, and channels link to items. The item to channel link can be done within Paper UI, through a text configuration, or both.