OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

Minimotes can be hard to get to complete initialization. Since they don’t wake up on their own, you need to wake them up manually, sometimes repeatedly.

Do you know the action to wake up a minimote ?

Ok I was almost certain that it was the nightly heal.

DB is your friend:


Press and hold the button labeled “Learn” for 3 seconds – The Minimote will stay awake for 30 seconds.


First off, the new binding is a huge leap forward on zWave front.

Here’s how I resolved this with the new binding with the same 4 devices being UNKNOWN.

  • deleted the 4 offline zWave devices via paper ui
  • shut down OH2.3
  • copied the 1 XML file that was working /userdata/zwave and made 4 others changing the name of the node for each file name
  • edited each XML file and changed the node to match the file name node (you may have to pull the XML file out of /userdata/zwave to edit it because the directory is pretty locked down for edits)
  • deleted and recreated the /userdata/cache & /userdata/tmp folders
  • reboot NAS
  • started up OH2.3
  • waited for paper ui to start and went into and the 4 nodes were defined correctly now

Hope this helps someone . . .

Best, Jay

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Hey, how far is it for this change to be merged into the master branch? When is it considered good enough? :slight_smile:

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At least for the Gen 5 stick there is only one firmware version up to now. I just checked the versions now on 8 different Gen 5 sticks (purchased between 2015 and 2018) and they all have Firmware 3.95 . The Aeon Website also states that there is no firmware update available so far for the Gen 5 stick. So everybody with a Z-Stick Gen 5 definetely has the newest (and only) firmware version.

Yes - I spoke to Aeon about this a month or two back. For some reason they are sticking with very old firmware which is really a shame.

Is it actually possible to update on z-wave devices to update firmware with the “standard” tools that we have with OpenHAB or how would I update, e.g., my Aeon stick if I ever had a firmware file? First time I hear about the possibility. I thought the devices are as-is.

Ok, do other manufacturers have newer firmware? And what is the impact of the old firmware, does it make the Z-Stick Gen5 a bad option nowadays?

No - I’ve not bothered to implement the OTA CC at the moment since there are next to no manufacturers that are making their firmware available. I’ve had discussions with a few of the big players such as Aeon, Qubino and Fibaro, and at this point they are not making them available - you need to use hardware/software that the company provides.

I can see this will change in future, and when one or two of the big players make files available, I’d be happy to implement it.

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No - I’m not sure if others have newer firmware. I know Aeon do have newer firmware (I have it), but it’s not being made available. It means that some of the newer features aren’t available.

Not with the OpenHab software, but some manufacturers provide tools for that (unfortunately not all of them). Aeon for instance provides firmware updates for download (however not yet for the Z-Stick Gen5). But I updated all my Multisensor 6 devices (ZW100) with the most recent firmware version 1.11. They provide a tool for Windows to do the updates. If you are using a Z-Stick as your Z-Wave controller you can do it directly with your normal controller over the air (without physically moving or excluding and reincluding the device from the network).

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Wondering the same :slight_smile:

I guess the answer is the same :wink:

I’ve spent the morning sorting out the merging of the master branch, and it’s now ready to go - I plan to do this tomorrow if there are no issues arising between now and then…

I’ve just updated the binding linked from the top of this thread - hopefully for the last time :smile:. If you spot any new issues, please let me know.


And for reference -:


I’m closing this topic as the development version is now merged into the master branch, and is available through the snapshot binding. If you have any queries, please open a new thread.