OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

I operate headless as well. I have Network Sharing enabled on my Unbuntu box to easily access and move files across as needed. And normally log into my Ubuntu OH2 headless from a Windows machine using Bitvise SSH tunnelier. I can do thing from both command line and copy things over.


You should be able to do something like -:

cwd /usr/share/openhab2/addons
wget http://www.cd-jackson.com/downloads/openhab2/org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

do I delete the jar in the add on folder? how do I make it active?

You need to uninstall the existing zwave binding (as above) - if there was already a JAR in the addon folder, then yes, you need to delete it, but there probably isn’t?

It will install once in the addons folder - assuming the serial driver is installed - see the comments about about that -:

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there is a KAR file

Just want to report that after a stop and start of OH2, my lock now shows the green check mark for Using Security.

I’ll know in a few hours when home if it works.

Nice one :slight_smile:

It works here, Kwikset 916 zwave, Pine64 and zwave module, openhab2 210 snap and that JAR, all is working a treat, now I just need to set it to start on boot…

For anyone wanting to update the database, just to note that it won’t currently allow uploading of the XML files from this branch (something I forgot about - oops!). I’ll try and sort this tonight or tomorrow, but if you get an error loading, it will be sorted soon…

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Hopefully the database XML reader is working ok now - if you try this with a new device, and it doesn’t work, please post here. I have tested with a device and I think I’ve fixed the issue I saw - if there’s any remaining issues I’ll fix tomorrow.

is there any possibility that openhab can sense a manual lock/unlock? or code?

Only if the device sends a notification ;).

My Yale lock sends a notification - it’s an alarm though which is a bit of a pain.

But can I use it in 1.8.3? I know, crazy idea but I have so much stuff that ‘just works’ and I’ve put a lot of time into getting my 1.* setup just right. And now Barnito tells me about this awesome lock and my wife wants an automated lock but I’m just not ready to migrate to 2.0.

Its my understanding the KwikSet Lock also sends a notification of the alarm type when the door is either locked or unlocked, and those alarm ‘numbers’ are:

‘18’, ‘21’ and ‘24’ all mean Locked
’19’, ‘22’ and ‘25’ all mean Unlocked

Would anyone know how to identify those alarm numbers in a rule?

I’m having some issues adding my controller (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5) with this binding in OpenHAB 2.0.0 Release version. Is that expected or should it work?

The issue I’m seeing is that after adding it, it shows as being offline and there’s no attributes for the thing. I’ve included the log file lines where I attempted to add my controller.

Is there any other information I can include to help debug?


No - you need to use the 1.x branch (so 1.9 is the latest). Security is also included in that branch, but it’s not related to this post as I completely re-wrote it in OH2.

We should be able to add them into a channel, and hence an item so they can be processed in a rule. I’ve not actually done this myself as I don’t get much time to actually work on my own system :disappointed:.

Yes - clearly it should work…

Maybe the following entry in your log is related -:

When adding the controller, I can’t get to the configuration section (it doesn’t load after clicking save) and instead have to go to the things page after hitting save. I then edit it and set the port (see line #10). After that the rest of the output is sent to the log but it shows the controller as being offline. The attributes for the controller never seem to get filled in and are all blank or have a question mark.

I don’t really see anything especially wrong - the communications with the stick is working fine and the responses all look ok as far as I can see from a quick look. The controller is talking to the binding fine. The only strange thing I can see in the log is the message -:

ZWave product zwave:serial_zstick has no references!

I’ll have another look tonight, but there’s nothing obviously wrong.