OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

whoops, thanks for the post #1314. you are correct I somehow still have my old zwave binding installed:

Build #1000

openhab> bundle:list -s |grep -i zwave
9 | Installed | 80 | | ZWave Binding | org.openhab.binding.zwave
212 | Active | 80 | | ZWave Binding | org.openhab.binding.zwave

The refactored/development version of the Z-Wave binding includes several improvements (like security support, mesh healing, etc) versus the “mainstream” one included in the OH2.x distribution. Chris has listed these features in post #1

The “mainstream” version of the Z-Wave binding included in the OH 2.2.x snapshot does not cover these new features. It does include the latest Z-Wave database info for devices.

The 2.1 binding will work on your 2.2 snapshot core. The bindings don’t have to be the same version as the core.
For example, you could have a 1.x version binding working in OH 2.2.x (where x = snapshot build). Same applies to 2.x bindings.

What may? not work is a 2.2.x snapshot version of a binding on top of an older core like 2.0.0 (because the old 2.0.0 core may not include additional enhancements that would be required for a newer binding).

I was going to reply with the same info :slight_smile:, but not sure if the internationalization changes that went in recently might have changed that.

bundle:uninstall 212

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that did it, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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No - database changes will have no impact on security. This will only change the type of a notification, but if you can’t securely include a device, then this will not matter.

The only reason I can think of to cause this is if you aren’t retaining settings following the update, and the security key is changing.

The binding is tolerant to many different formats. Fundamentally it needs 16 hex values -:
0x11 0x22 0x33…
11 22 33

It should reformat it for consistency, but should accept any of the above formats, and possibly some other variants.

I’ve made a small update to the binding to add a delay between the end of inclusion, and the start of key exchange (ie secure inclusion). I’d appreciate if people could give it a go if you’re having problems with secure inclusion - feel free to post a log on a ticket on my website.

I’m not sure that this will help, but it’s worth a try…

@Chris, What do you mean by that? I thought something similar since it said the nonce’s were unknown, but after checking the correct key is set in habmin.

Also, I’ve installed version. It works!!! The locks started securely and are working.

@Chris, you’re my hero!

Simply that if the key set in the controller changes between updates, it will stop working. If the network key is removed for some reason, then the binding will select a new one - I was just wondering if this was happening for some reason…

@chris, exception thrown for Device configuration here :open_mouth:

Not sure if you caught that post.

@chris I’m trying to finalize the migration off my old Vera and the one big piece I’m missing is being able to get the userid associated with a keypad unlock on my locks. How much work would it be to create a new channel that pulls the Alarm Level, when there is an Alarm Type of 19 for the Command Class 113 alarm for the lock and presents that through the channel?

Thanks again for all the hard work!!

Ok, so I have generated the key, and placed it in the aeon gen5 controller in Habmin. I have restarted oh2, but using security shows only a question mark. I’m going to assume that i cannot include my secure device until the controller shows as using security. What do I do?

If the lock has never been included with that key configured, you’ll need to exclude it and include it again. If it has successfully completed a secure inclusion, you’ll see a question mark after a restart of the binding or if the device is reinitialized, while the binding queries the device to see if it can communicate securely. Sometimes it takes a while, especially if you have a number of devices.

so i can try to include my garage door and it should say secure inclusion immediately if it is included, then the binding will eventually catch up?

O, you meant the controller… it always shows a question mark in my setup.

Ok, thanks…its included now with security…thanks for the help!

Do you know of a garage door device that has channels that don’t require the number items to be sent via mapping and rules? I have the same as you, and found the thread with your setup, but there has to be an easier device to set up, though I could be very wrong.

An off the shelf zwave garage door opener… for use with OH? Nope… I’m only familiar with the NGD00Z, which essentially combines a tilt sensor and a relay. You may be able to use just a relay, but you’d lose the actual state of the door. If you need some assistance in setting up your items or rules, I’d be happy to help (but we should find a better thread for it :slightly_smiling_face:).

Not too much - I propose the above format -:

If that’s ok to y’all, then I’ll try and add this in the coming days.

I fully agree, this one is not the thread for that

As i said though, i found how you did it in another thread, that will help tremendously .