OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

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(Jonas Böhringer) #1608

Does this version of the binding work with an Openhab 2.2 snapshot? In my case I see the 2.1.0 version of the binding installed in the Karaf console but my Z-Wave controller is not showing up. Any ideas?

(Chris Jackson) #1609


What does this actually mean? You add the controller, but the port doesn’t open? Or something else?

(Jonas Böhringer) #1610

No, I see the correct binding with the bundle:list command but in the PaperUI or Habmin none of my Z-Wave devices is listed. Maybe the particular Openhab snapshot is faulty? I am now restoring my backed-up image and try again.

(Jonas Böhringer) #1611

Ok, I have installed the newest version of this Z-Wave binding. Accidentally I had both binding versions installed for a time but this was resolved by uninstalling the old binding and restarting the new one. Now, however, the Z-wave binding shows up as “resolved” using the bundle:list command. I can then bundle:restart it but after a reboot it is again not active.
Any ideas on how to resolve this?

(Chris Jackson) #1612

The issue is probably that you haven’t resolved the serial dependancy. Use the following command to do this -:

feature:install openhab-transport-serial

(Jonas Böhringer) #1613

Is the serial the ID I get from bundle:list?

(Daniel Malmgren) #1614

No, the name of the feature is “openhab-transport-serial”. So “serial” is the actual word “serial” :wink:

(Chris Jackson) #1615

Exactly - just type in the line I said above - no magic :wink:

(Jonas Böhringer) #1616

Hmm, that did not work. No error message after I entered the command. Bust after a reboot the binding is still shown as “resolved”.

(Daniel Malmgren) #1617

What do you get if you run “feature:list|grep openhab-transport-serial”?

(Jonas Böhringer) #1618

I get the following:

openhab-transport-serial                    | 2.2.0.SNAPSHOT   | x        | Started     | distro-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT   | Serial Transport

(Daniel Malmgren) #1619

Looks quite correct to me. I guess this is the point where @chris has to jump in again :slight_smile:

Btw, have you looked in the logs?

(Chris Jackson) #1620

What happens if you start the binding (with the start command)?

(Jonas Böhringer) #1621

The binding starts and is shown as “Active”.

(Rgerrans) #1622

Are you running any other bindings that use a serial port? I had the Zwave binding issue related to the binding for my security system and had to change the start priority so that the security system binding started last.

(Chris Jackson) #1623

Then it’s ok - right? I think you probably just didn’t start the binding after removing the old one…

(Daniel Malmgren) #1624

I think you’re missing the problem. Apparently the binding doesn’t start by itself after a reboot although a manual start of it works.

@sloth0815: I’d suggest you dig through whatever gets in the log after a start of openHAB and see if you find any errors there.

(Chris Jackson) #1625

Was it ever started though? I don’t see anything that said the binding ever started. If not, then I don’t think it will start when the system starts due to the fact that both bindings were running at the same time.

Having started the binding now, does it restart if OH is restarted?

(Jonas Böhringer) #1626

No, unfortunately it does not start after a reboot.

(Chris Jackson) #1627

Ok, sorry, but I’ve no idea why this is then. It’s likely to be an issue with your system rather than the binding…