OH2 Z-Wave update

With the update of the ESH stable build yesterday, I’m now going to update the Z-Wave binding use a new feature that’s been added to improve the way entries are added to the discovery inbox. I hope that this will solve the issues where people have been having unknown devices discovered (obviously it won’t fix unknown devices that aren’t in the database! ;)).

You MUST update OH2 to use this. Any new versions of the Z-Wave binding after today will require an update to an OH2 build from today or newer.


Sorry to barge in, but did you mean the ESH snapshot build?
The latest commit in the stable release (0.8.0) seems to be on June, the 13th.

ESH snapshots are produced whenever the team thinks the build is stable enough. Normally this is about once every week. When ESH is updated, OH2 nightly snapshot will use the updated ESH release.