OH2 zwave inclusion issue of D-Link DCH-Z110

Hi, I face an issue with the inclusion of DCH-Z110 z-wave device into OH2. I used the OH1 before and have another device of same type already running without any issue.

Now after moving to OH2 I tried to include an additional DCH-Z110 via Paper-UI and Habmin. In both cases the sensor is found as a thing with node address. After some time the device information turns from unknown to DCH-Z110 in the interface, that’s normal for a battery powered device. But the device status reads: UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_MISSING_ERROR.

I am not able to change device configuration (change notification type to SENSOR_BINARY REPORT) results in ERROR 500 - Internal Server Error. Also if I connect the channel they will never update.

Am I missing something here? What can I do to locate the problem?

I managed to change device configuration settings using OH1 habmin. I don’t understand why it does not work using OH2 now. I’ll check later if restarting the OH2 would have helped…

I guess it go into the bug-section…