[OH3.1.0M] Homekit devices no feedbacks after update textual things chanels and items

Linux Debian 9 , Openhab 3.1.0M

When I made changes to any textual things I got “no response” status in Homekit App and can`t fix it easy.
Every time after i made small fix in things I should delete bridge to Openhab in Homekit then add all devices that I have again. How to do it faster or easier to update only devices that i fix but not all devices if I change only one. I use KNX soo all chanels are in one file (router connects everything soo i cant make 1000 files for every device)

Hi Nikita,

just to re-confirm - you only change things but not items? can you explain more what exactly you change?

normally, you dont need to remove and add homekit bridge if you change configuration. it should automatically refresh the accessory list in home app.

only if the text configuration is completely broken so that openHAB cannot parse it, then homekit binding would send an empty list to home app and this would delete all accessories in home app. but once you fix the configuration, home app will get the correct list again.

i also have KNX and homekit with more than 100 devices and keep updating my configuration with new devices as my setup is growing and last time i had to remove homekit bridge was more than 2 years ago.

so, please elaborate more what exactly you do and what you see in the log files