OH3.1 Fresh Installation Issues: Mosquitto, Grafana, Permissions... how to check if rest is OK?

I did a full new reinstall, with openhabian.conf zraminstall=disable

Install Mosquitto OK
Install Influxdb+ Grafana, ended with Error 20 - Grafana not starting ( Loading Web interface via curl failed)

did systemctl start grafana-server.service … Grafana starts without problem

did a reboot, Mosquitto and Grafana still working.

So I think, the issue is with the zram feature

It’s related but more complicated.
We’ve fixed a bug, please try again with zraminstall=enable (default).

thank you, that did it.

/var/log/openhabian survives reboot, Mosquitto and Grafana as well - great, mow continue with my learning openhab

have a nice day!