OH3.1 - http://openhab:9001/ not reachable - Frontail

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Openhabian
    • openHAB version: 3.1.0

After I installed the Image of OH3.1 and installed my Backup the LOG is not reachable…

But if I go into the log path via SSH the Logfile exists:

But in my windows-explorer I cannot see an LOG folder:

Anything else works fine…
→ Has anyone an Idea what*s wrong here?

Installed a backup from which version? If you restored a 2.x backup on top of a 3.1 OH it’s not the only thing that will be messed up. You need to install 2.x first, restore your back, then upgrade to 3.1.

This is a new install? Did you see some of the threads discussing a problem with installing Frontail the past few days when you searched the forum? There was a problem a few days ago with openHABian’s installation of Frontail but a fix has already been published so if you downloaded the image before a day or two ago you might still have a broken Frontail install. The openHABian installation log will tell you if that was the case.

Notice the path you went to via SSH. /var/log/openhab isn’t anywhere near openHAB’s userdata folder. It is not shared via samba.

hav e a look to /etc/samba/smb.conf . In case you use openhabian-config and you enabled zram then most probably /var/log/openhab is not exported. There is a comment in the smb.conf file which explains that the export is disabled by default and it is disabled by intention:

; ATTENTION: /var/log is on zram
; Sharing this will cause data loss of logs
; You *can* uncomment this but you have been warned

The Backup was from Version 3.0. → So this sould be OK.
I’ve used the OpenHabian Image of today. “openhabian-pi-raspios32-v1.6.6.img.xz”

You are right, there is a problem with Frontail… → I’m not able to install / reinstall it…
Where I can find the “openHABian installation log”? → Then I will check it…

I’m able to open the openhab.log via the SSH interface.
→ Therefore I’m sure the log is working as expected.

For for those how are not so familiar with the Puttytel - SSH command line tool:

  1. Change the directory by command “cd” to the path “var/log/openhab”

  2. Check the direcorty where you are by the long list command “ll”

  3. now you can open an text file by the editor “nano” by typing “nano openhab.log”

The message there tells you to read a document which has that and more information about debugging openHABian problems.

Frontail not working after SD restore on fresh install is a relevant thread.

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I’ve fixed the Problem.

  1. Install again the Node and npm manualy by: sudo apt install nodejs npm
  2. Then install the frontnail again by “sudo openhabian-config” point 20

@rlkoshak @Wolfgang_S Thank you very much!

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It is good to see that you found another way to access your logs.

That is correct and you indicated this in your first post - I did not write that the log file is not working as expected.

Your original post was about why you can’t see the log file folder using windows.
The root cause why you can’t access the logs from a mapped folder in windows is the samba ( smb.conf ) configuration.

Why installing npm as package. The executable /usr/bin/npm is included in the package nodejs.
So installing nodejs should have been sufficient. If I try to install the package npm in my systems I would get a message about conflicting packages.

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