OH3.2 Hue Emulation - How to add color light?


I am running OH3.2 and have a LED Color light where I have separate items to control on/off, brightness, color temperature and color. Thats all working fine.

In addition I want to use the Hue Emulation add on to expose this light as a hue color light to other services.

Adding the necessary tag to one item is working fine (e.g. adding Lightning tag to the brightness item) and allows me to control the item via 3rd party hue app.
However if I tag e.g. brightness & color items, than I have two different lights published via hue emulation, but in reality that’s only 1 device with separate channels?

Therefore my question, how to setup the group & items correctly, that I have all functions (on/off, brightness, color, color temp) exposed as 1 light via hue emulation (and not as 4 different lights)? If anyone can share an example, that would be appreciated.