OH3 --> 3.1 Upgrade / Z-Wave

Anyone running an Aeotec gen5 Z-Wave stick on an RPi (openhabian) that has upgraded successfully to OH 3.1? I saw a post where one member of the community lost the ability to use theirs and it is causing me some hesitation :slight_smile:

Did the upgrade, stick is still alive :wink: Actually OH running more stable than ever.

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Buddy of mine did upgrade with no problem. I have Hat myself. But I ALWAYS image my SD Card before an upgrade, restore to 2nd card, and upgrade using that. That way if something goes south I turn off pi, swap back to original card, and not get yelled at by spouse. :smiley:


Which thread ?
There is a thread about using an Aeotec Gen5 stick on a raspberry Pi4. This is independent of the OH version as far as I understand as this is a problem of the hardware design of the Aeotec Gen5 stick.

See e.g. https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/3027#issuecomment-650085537

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Yeah good call. SD card mirror it is!

It was this thread, but the person was also not using my exact setup. Just made me a little concerned is all.

I just completed the upgrade and it was totally smooth. Z-Wave working just fine :slight_smile:


… and not get yelled at by spouse. :smiley:

Well, you get used to it over the years, don’t you ? :joy:

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