OH3.3 M4: Sensative AB 11 01 011 Strips Guard not recognized (R5)

I recently bought additional sensative strips. The new strips can be included, but device is shown as unknown device type.
With the Zensys software and the plugged-in Aeotec Gen5 Stick, I can see that the stripe is detected and that the strips door sensor also reacts to open and closed actions in the action log.

I also checked the zwave database and the device is available. If i compare the Command Classes I am not sure if they have changed and a zwave database update is needed?
I would appreciate some help how to proceed with this topic as i have 6 strips which I can not implement in openhab.
All other additional devices like fibaro dimmer are recognised and included without problems.

Welcome. Sometimes the manufacturer will change the device TYPE:ID & those numbers are part of what the Zwave DB uses. These also have been known to be difficult to discover, but if you are getting messages, that is probably not it. What do the UI thing properties dropdown show?

Hi Bob
Thank you for replying!
It is a bit embarrassing. I tried for weeks incuding the strips without success and descided to write into the forum.
Right now, as i have seen your message and I went back to my setup to read out the properties .I see, that the stripe is now successfully recognised! All other strips can now also be incuded with success.

What probably helped before incuding the stripes was to delete on the aeotec Stick with the Zensys tool all devices which where not valid anymore!

Anyhow, thanks for your reply and help!

I cannot find any indication that a Sensative 11 01 011 with parameters other than 0x3:0x3 exists - but who knows?

So I was right … :slight_smile:

Don’t feel bad and the forum is here to help.These devices are known as tough to initialize (as shown above I have some).

A quick visual (without resorting to Debug mode) is to look for five lines on the device UI page.
Five Lines of configured node
If the “reinitialise the device” is not there for a battery device, then you need to keep trying to wake it up (per the manual) until it is. In your case, initialization was far enough along that the wake interval was set, so when the device awoke on its own it finished the initialization. Waiting will only work if the initialization has set the wake interval, so trying to wake repeatedly is best.