[OH3] Amazon Echo Control Binding, Volume is not set on the device

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I am not sure if I do something wrongly?

But when I try to use the slider, it states that a command is sent to the echo device but the volume are not changed on the actual device.

Web browser console:

But when I press the physical volume button on my echo device the item in OpenHab gets updated almost immediately

So it works in one direction from physical device to OpenHab but not from OpenHab to the physical device.

Any suggestions what I can have done wrong?

I have also tested to run Tunein radio and switching channels and updates work there in both directions.

I got it up and running by restarting my openhab docker installation.

I don’t like to have to restart it, I always forget that it solves problems like this.

But my question now do someone have any tip why and when this happens i don’t like to have to restart my openhab when doing an install of for example a new binding.