OH3 and astro Binding MAP [Solved]

Hi, I’m trying to map astro items in OpenHAB3 :

astro.things :
Thing astro:sun:local “Internet Astronomie Chaligny” [ geolocation=“48.62680772355118, 6.075575800443163”, interval=15 ]

astro.items :
String AstroSoleilPhaseName_Valeur “Phase du Soleil” [“Status”] {channel=“astro:sun:loacal:phase#name”,stateDescription=""[pattern=“MAP(astro.map):%s”]}

astro.map :

but in the UI, =items.AstroSoleilPhaseName_Valeur.displayState stay “Daylight”

But in classic UI,

                        Text item=AstroSoleil {
                            Frame {
                                Text item=AstroSoleilPhaseName_Valeur


return "Jour " it’s ok !!!

I am desperate ???

See here -

Thank you very much rossko57 for this information. I have modify the channels.xml of the astro bindings (Deleting the informations). Recompiling the astro bindings and it’s work great.

Uhh, well that’s one way to do it I suppose. Plan ahead for your next openHAB update.