OH3 and Insteon Hub

Hi All,

I have been using an ISY994 to manage my Insteon devices for about 10 years. I want to switch to something more configurable. ISY is way behind the current level of technology and I want to be able to use devices and services from various vendors.

I installed OH3 3.02 on a new Raspberry Pi 3-B+ using the openhabian image.

I have about 40 Insteon devices, mostly common dimmers, switches and plug modules. I am using an Insteon Hub on a hardwired network. The hub is model 2245-222 which I believe is commonly referred to here as a “2014”.

I finally managed to get the HUB installed so that it at least said “ONLINE” as well as 10 or so switches, but nothing works.

I checked the log and it is loaded with these errors:
[WARN ] [steon.internal.device.ModemDBBuilder] - Modem database download was unsuccessful, restarting! No messages were received, … I get these every 9-10 seconds.

I also get these about every 30 seconds:
[WARN] [binding.insteon.internal.driver.Port] - port /hub/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25105 disconnected…

The HUB works fine. I am able to use the Insteon app on my phone and Alexa with no problems.

On the bottom of the hub, there is a user name and password. However there seems to be nowhere to enter this on OH3. So I don’t know if this is required or not.

Admittedly, I am a newbie at this and it is a completely different paradigm than the ISY. But I am a software developer by profession (30 years), so I’ll catch on.

It would seem to me that nothing is going to work until I resolve the WARN messages resolved. I have searched this board, but there is not much on v3 yet, and older posts don’t necessarily align with what I see on the web UI.

Also, what do you guys mean by “paper”?

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

With the 2245-222, you use the format: /hub2/my_user_name:my_password@

The /hub/ format is for the legacy 2242-222 hub.

Also, using the Insteon binding with the Insteon app is not supported. See Insteon - Bindings | openHAB for details.

Thanks Rob,

I did eventually RTFM and tried all the examples. Why threw me off was that it came up green “ONLINE” so I thought I was good. The “Port” caption also confused me as I expected to need to supply simply a port number, but I understand that different bridges will need different settings. Everything is working fine now and I have a clean log file.

I am still using the Insteon app and Alexa through the hub and everything works perfectly so far. I am even using a couple of X-10 appliance modules and a dimmable lamp module and to my surprise, they work too! I read other places that the newer hub didn’t support them. It does.

My ISY system is working off an Insteon USB PLM. I added the hub into the mix so that I could integrate Alexa and also be able to use a remote app so I could control things when I am not at home. Using both a PLM and HUB on the same system has worked fine for 3 years or so. I do not want to disable the ISY until I am done setting up OH. We actually depend on the current system so taking it offline isn’t a good option. So I am glad everything is working while I migrate.

Thanks for the help!

You’ve might have encountered a edge case with the old hub where it can connect to the port, but isn’t getting anything back. Since you have a USB PLM, I’d recommend moving that from the ISY to openHAB. It should be easy to set up since you’ve got everything already linked with ISY, and you’ll just need to configure the devices as things, and link the channels you want to use.