OH3 and Lutron Smart Bridge: get_lutron_cert.py binding not working

I have a Lutron Smart Bridge (non-Pro) that I am trying to bind to OH3. Going through all the messages about how to gen the certification keys using get_lutron_cert.py.

The problem I am having is when I run : sudo python3 get_lutron_cert.py I get the following error:

openhabian@openhabian:~ $ sudo python3 get_lutron_cert.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "get_lutron_cert.py", line 31, in <module>
    from openssl import SSL, crypto
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'openssl'

I tried to install openssl was told already installed. Anyone have a work around for this? Or a different way to get my Smart Bridge working with OH3?


Did you install Python 3 from source? I’ve seen that error before when I tried to get the latest Python 3.9 (I think) on Raspbian. In the end I gave up.

Also, Python kind of maintains it’s own packages. Did you try to install openssl using pip or apt/yum/etc?

Ultimately though this is outside the scope of openHAB and you might be more likely to find an answer on a Python 3 forum.

Sounds like you looked into the openssl package that was already installed not the python openssl module.

Is it this version of the lutron script that you have ?
In the header section you find a hint about how to install pyOpenSSL.

not quite the script I have. will take a look at it.

So my problem was the python ssl module not being loaded. Loaded it and ran the script. Got the three cert files. Now tripping up on the binding.
The keystone file I am assuming is caseta.key, not sure what password it is asking for.
But the ‘Lutron LEAP Access Point’ binding does not go online.

Any ideas?

according to one of the python scripts with the name you posted caseta.key is the clients private key.
Private keys can be secured by a passphrase. The one in the script I looked into does not use a passphrase.

Ah, now I am really confused as to how to use the binding.
Which file is the keystone file?


You need to create a keystore file as described in Configuring LEAP Authentication | openHAB .
The keystore is a file where you save/store your files in a safe. In your case it is the private key ( keyfile ) and the bridge’s certificate that will be stored there.
The password that you need to set and use is literally “secret” in the example but as explained you should create your own one as defaults ( “secret” in this case ) are always easy to guess.