OH3 and Openhab App

Raspberry pi 4 4gb
Raspbian latest

I am slowing starting to learn how to use OH3

When I had OH2.5 I was using the app

Can I still use the App with OH3 ? Or is this stopped or in working progress?

Do you mean the app for your smartphone?

Yes ,if it’s still being used ,how do I create a site map in OH3 or is that same as a semantic model?

I’m using the app for iOS and it’s running fine. You can define your sitemaps in the same way(file based) as in OH2.5 or via the new UI.

On the semantic page or ?

Many thanks

I will give it a go

So when I save site map it will then show on the app?

That’s right

Would I be able to use a site map I have saved previously from OH2.5

Where is the sitemap saved on OH3

Hi another question on the app it doesn’t tell me if the light is on or off

This only goes on and off if I switch by the app

If the light is already on it doesn’t show up on by the switch in the app

I’m using



Is there some thing else I need to tick?


In the same place as before (assuming that you want to use textual configuration) /etc/openhab/sitemaps/