OH3 and remote server to old instance

Im starting a fresh install of OH3 and found that i can link the new install to the old items in my OH2 setup.

Now i have over 400 items in total. ranging from blinds. irrigation, lights, tv, audio, alarm system, etc.

Is there any down sides to just linking the new install to the old setup?, apart from running two pi’s, and having an extra point of failure.

Im just finding it very overwhelming setting oh3 up with setpoints, groups, models, things, items, points, categories. etc.

It’s more complex of a setup and there might be extra latency in commands to devices. But there is probably nothing wrong running with it for awhile. I wouldn’t do that forever though. If you were going to do that you may as well have stayed on OH 2.5.

i like the layout of oh3, with the pages and all the main UI changes. Although with over 400 items. im finding it difficult to transfer them.
So im going through and creating layouts and seeing how it works, with the other items that are already setup for now. Then i can slowly transfer them accross and point the layouts to the newly created items instead