OH3 and Smartthings

I’ve decided to install a new instance of OH3 and get rid of my 2.x. I’ve followed, installed and exposed the items I want to expose from my smartthings hub via the smartapp, however I can’t see any of these items in my inbox in OH3. Any ideas?

You’ve installed the SmartThings binding?

You’ve followed the instructions linked to from the readme concerning the installation of SmartThings Code?

Yup, also discovered last night that @BobRak is working on a fix and this is Known problem for him in OH3. Thanks

Try updating to the latest 3.1.0 SNAPSHOT - it worked for me.

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I currently have a fully working installation of OH2 that includes among other things the Smartthing binding which successfully gives me access to several devices in my house.

However, I am now in the process of migrating my whole setup to OH3. The way I do it after installing a clean version of OH 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT, I progressively reinstalled most of my bindings/devices. In this process I am experiencing at this time an issue with tha Smartthings binding. I installed the new jar file (org.openhab.binding.smartthings-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) in my addons folder. I copied my OH2-tested smartthings.things file in my things folder. It currently reads as follows:

Bridge smartthings:smartthings:SMThub    [ smartthingsIp="", smartthingsPort=39500 ] {

	Thing thermostat ConvecteurSdB [smartthingsName="Convecteur SdB"]
        Thing temperatureMeasurement ConvecteurSdBTemp [smartthingsName="Convecteur SdB"]
//        Thing relativeHumidityMeasurement ConvecteurSdBHumidity [smartthingsName="Convecteur SdB"]

        Thing  thermostatHeatingSetpoint PlancherSdBSetpoint [smartthingsName="Plancher SdB"]
        Thing temperatureMeasurement  PlancherSdBTemp [smartthingsName="Plancher SdB"]
        Thing relativeHumidityMeasurement PlancherSdBHumidity [smartthingsName="Plancher SdB"]

	Thing thermostat ConvecteurCdM [smartthingsName="Convecteur CdM"]
        Thing temperatureMeasurement ConvecteurCdMTemp [smartthingsName="Convecteur CdM"]

	Thing thermostat PlintheBureau [smartthingsName="Plinthe Bureau"]
	Thing temperatureMeasurement PlintheBureauTemp [smartthingsName="Plinthe Bureau"]

	Thing lock SerrureGarage [smartthingsName="Serrure Garage"]
	Thing battery BatteriesSerrureGarage [smartthingsName="Serrure Garage"]

The things listed in there are shown as “online” on my OH3 things page. However, an error is reported in the log at startup time: “Could not start Smartthings servlet service: alias: ‘/smartthings’ is already in use in this or another context”.

I am attaching the full startup log below.

Any idea where the problem couls lie?

Many thanks in advance!

2021-03-23 16:56:14.002 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Time zone set to 'America/Toronto'.
2021-03-23 16:56:14.029 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Location set to '45.8514524,-72.3303087'.
2021-03-23 16:56:14.033 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Locale set to 'fr_CA'.
2021-03-23 16:56:18.892 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'mqtt.things'
2021-03-23 16:56:19.206 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'insteon.things'
2021-03-23 16:56:19.222 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'paradox.things'
2021-03-23 16:56:19.235 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'smartthings.things'
2021-03-23 16:56:21.113 [INFO ] [.core.model.lsp.internal.ModelServer] - Started Language Server Protocol (LSP) service on port 5007
2021-03-23 16:56:23.015 [INFO ] [org.openhab.ui.internal.UIService   ] - Started UI on port 8080
2021-03-23 16:56:23.588 [WARN ] [ty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory.config] - Trusting all certificates configured for Client@36591b78[provider=null,keyStore=null,trustStore=null]
2021-03-23 16:56:23.596 [WARN ] [ty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory.config] - No Client EndPointIdentificationAlgorithm configured for Client@36591b78[provider=null,keyStore=null,trustStore=null]
2021-03-23 16:56:23.808 [WARN ] [rg.openhab.core.io.net.exec.ExecUtil] - Failed to execute commandLine '[arping, --help]'
2021-03-23 16:56:24.442 [WARN ] [rg.openhab.core.io.net.exec.ExecUtil] - Failed to execute commandLine '[arping, --help]'
2021-03-23 16:56:24.499 [WARN ] [rtthings.internal.SmartthingsServlet] - Could not start Smartthings servlet service: alias: '/smartthings' is already in use in this or another context
2021-03-23 16:56:24.505 [ERROR] [org.openhab.binding.smartthings     ] - bundle org.openhab.binding.smartthings: (246)[org.openhab.binding.smartthings.internal.discovery.SmartthingsDiscoveryService(292)] : The setSmartthingsHubCommand method has thrown an exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch
	at jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) ~[?:?]
	at jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62) ~[?:?]
	at jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43) ~[?:?]
	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:566) ~[?:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.inject.methods.BaseMethod.invokeMethod(BaseMethod.java:228) ~[bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.inject.methods.BaseMethod.access$500(BaseMethod.java:41) ~[bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.inject.methods.BaseMethod$Resolved.invoke(BaseMethod.java:664) ~[bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.inject.methods.BaseMethod.invoke(BaseMethod.java:510) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.inject.methods.BindMethod.invoke(BindMethod.java:42) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.manager.DependencyManager.doInvokeBindMethod(DependencyManager.java:1813) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.manager.DependencyManager.bindDependency(DependencyManager.java:1637) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.manager.DependencyManager.bind(DependencyManager.java:1624) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.apache.felix.scr.impl.manager.SingleComponentManager.createImplementationObject(SingleComponentManager.java:307) [bundleFile:?]