OH3 and Speedtest Ookla

I’m sorry, Rich is one of the most active and as it happens the most liked user here in the forum. I’m afraid you are the arrogant one.
Please calm down a bit and take a step back and read again through this thread. You gave (and give) not the impression to have

  1. read the sources we gave you
  2. told us what you already tried - and failed to do
  3. told us, what obstacles you face

but: you have told us

  1. to solve your problem nevertheless
  2. even doubled down on your position - after being told so from multiple users here on the forum


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You can close this topic

FYI there is a new binding getting reviewed here and the author supplied a jar file.

[speedtest] Binding for Ookla’s Speedtest - Initial contribution by bigbasec · Pull Request #9913 · openhab/openhab-addons (github.com)

Thank you, I have already found this version and saved it in the “Addons” folder. A recommended rule is installed to trigger the query. But it doesn’t work. (The Exec binding is also installed.)
I actually always take a lot of time when problems arise - that was also the case this time. Since I can’t get any further, I will forego the new binding and speed test.