OH3 Astro function as analyse feature

Hey all,

I have shortly installed the Astro binding. After playing arround for my rollo’s to open and close.
I put a cell under the pages for show me the sunset and sunrise time in each cell.
The cell can be set to “analyse” when click them.
How can I set the cell, that I see over the time when the sun goes up and down?
Any tipps for that?

How do you want visualize this?
“Sunrise today” is a datetime that gets calculated at midnight, and stays the same all day. I’m not sure there’s any meaningful way to chart that over a day.
If you wanted to chart it over a month say, you might calculate something like “Sunrise in minutes of the day”, persist that and chart it.
If you wanted a daily sunup/sundown display, you might configure a Switch Item like “Sun is up” to turn on and off. Great for displaying yesterday,but none of the standard charting tools allow you to chart the future by displaying todays switch state before it happens.

Hello rossko57,

thanks for your quick answer.
I want to see after it happen, how the curve will look like.
This should could also be done over the year on the x-axis and the time-stamp over the y-axis. Similar to the picture. Have you any idea to put this as analyse function on the cell, when I press them.

I doubt the standard chart can chart datetimes against date, so I think it’s down to this method -

You realise it’s just standard astronomical calculations, there’s probably a website somewhere to just print this stuff out for a year, like tide tables?