OH3: Background Image on Location page or rearranging - shows "Error while saving page: Server Error"

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: OH3 in LXC
    • OS: Debian
    • Java Runtime Environment: as per recommendation for OH3
    • openHAB version: OH3 latest release
  • Issue of the topic:

I tried to change the background image of the automatically generated “Location” tab tiles as well as tried the rearrange button, whereas both leads to an error: “Error while saving page: Server Error”.

I cannot find anything in the usual OH logs on said error.

Any direction on how to solve this? Might it be a permission issue (whereas I did a normal apt install)?

No solution, but I do have the same issue!

For me - strangely - if I restart OH3, edit a page (any page) and save it then, it works once - then if I try to save again (even without changing anything) I get the server error.

Some more information, after trying to analyze this in the browser:
It seems to be a HTTP500 Server Error and has to do something with the REST API, as it calls this part of the API:

The actual error (I think, I’m not a programmer):

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected property name or ‘}’ at line 1 column 2 of the JSON data

“{“error”:{“message”:“For input string: \”._1609362779309\”",“http-code”:500,“exception”:{“class”:“java.lang.NumberFormatException”,“message”:“For input string: \”._1609362779309\"",“localized-message”:“For input string: \”._1609362779309\""}}}"

Hope that helps someone to localize the error.

Thanks Pezzi42!
Sadly made no progress on fixing this.

Maybe you can try this:

login to your server with ssh
run openhab-cli console
set loglevel to debug:
log:set DEBUG org.openhab
watch the log:
log:tail org.openhab
try to save again and you should see a stack trace in the tail maybe with better error information.

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That helped a lot as I was able to pin point the error.
If someone has maybe a similar issue, for me it was coming from having another Page UID called “home”.

It seems that the auto-generated Location page also uses this UID (?).

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot add UI component to namespace ui:page, because a component with same UID (home) already exists.

Thanks from me, too - similar issue, there was apparently an old leftover page in the /jsondb/backup folder which caused the problem.

in my case:

08:46:36.563 [DEBUG] [.io.rest.JSONResponse$ExceptionMapper] - Exception during REST handling.
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “._1609411310964”

That input string was the pre-fix for the corrupted backup file.

don’t forget to set the log level back to info or your log will grow fast:
log:set INFO org.openhab

I had the similar issue withe the ‘home’ but i can’t reproduce it. The ‘home’ Page seems to be the second default page. I think it appears if you modify the default generated location, things or equipment section.
When i select the site for edeting over ‘page’ from settings menu the error went away. There are now two sites, layout and home.

Thanks, yeah, I changed it back already to INFO.

But can confirm, I got now a “page” in the list with UID “home” as well, which was not there before.
And before I had my own page with UID “home” design, hence I guess the conflict.

Hi gents and Happy New Year,

I tried to find in community and found out only this topic is looks like for my issue.

I have OH3 and migrated to it from OH2.
I created a simple model in Modeling but when I open “home” page or it is called “overview” page there is nothing on it, just blank page.
In that time I opened it in “Run Mode” and it shows me what i need. The same situation with Semantic Model and auto generated “home” page. In Run Mode all is fine but I see blank pages (not active) Locations, Equipment, Properties in default page on http://myopenhabserver:8080

Blank Overview Page

With regards


Sorry, I can post only one media in one post :confused:

Overview Page in Run mode

Hi there,

I discovered interesting option that i’ve never see before:

It placed in Help & About in left menu, scroll down to bottom and you can see * Simple navigation bar on home page

If it Turns On all looks fine and if it Turns Off you can’t see Overview, Locations etc, only blank pages of it.

Thanks for everybody, my question is clear :ok_hand: