OH3: Backup config - what paths to consider?

I plan to create a little backup script on my system to regularly save my config to prevent myself from killing my past work.

Now I ask myself: What directories do I need to back up? Is this information still valid?

Am I on the safe side when I backup the following paths including subdirectories:

  • /usr/share/openhab/addons
  • /etc/openhab
  • /var/lib/openhab
  • /etc/default/openhab


It’s the OH3 pathes so obviously it was very recently updated.
Be aware though that it applies only to openHAB itself.
None of the OS, none of of the extra tools you install.

And you should be using openHABian builtin backup tools rather than to take care of this yourself.

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Markus, thank you! I want to run it a) automatically once a week and b) a copy of the backup stored on my NAS (via NFS). Is this currently possible with the built-in tools?

read the docs yourself please.
Amanda openHABian README