[OH3] BasicUI HABPanel Sitemaps I'm lost

I’m using Domoticz for a long time now and recently discoverd that OpenHab has some advantages above Domoticz. I created a complicated system, with rfxcom433, z-wave, but it was working well. I do see that OpenHab has a really steep learning curve. But I will try.

First I enabled a lot of useful bindings, added things, created items, and started with a Organization model.

But now I’m lost. Finally I want to use the app.
What do I create now? BasicUI HABPanel Sitemaps? What is what and what do I have to create first?
I’m lost there.
I use the UI, but I’m very used to scripts, Linux commandline, etc.

Please some advise/Help

Please start by reviewing Pages - Introduction | openHAB (you should really go through the whole Getting Started Tutorial).

You have options.

MainUI is the default “does it all” UI. That’s the UI that is used for administering openHAB and it can be used as the UI presented to your home automation users. You’ve implemented a semantic model so you should already have a UI generated for you based on that model. The link above explains all this and tells you how to customize that for your needs.

But, if you don’t like MainUI or want something that looks different you can use BasicUI which will display Sitemaps, or HABPanel which is built in the browser similar to how MainUI is built. I know that the Android app supports all of these, don’t know about the iPhone app.

You can use any one of these or you can use all of them at the same time. It’s up to you. I think most people choose one and stick with it. Of the three, MainUI is probably the most powerful and flexible. If you want to stick to only text files to config your only real choice is to create .sitemap files and use BasicUI.

Thank you Rich, that makes it more clear to me. I will dive into mainUI/Openhab 3 UI (named in the app). I now assume that that is the same thing.
I went through the docs, but got confused about these.
Maybe because English is not my language.