OH3 Bindings "Wake on LAN", HTTP and FritzboxTR64

Hello everybody,

currently I’m cleaning my system and I’m updating all my “old 1.x” Bindings to Version 2.5.8.
I found a solution for nearly every 1.x binding.
I’m also using the bindings “Wake on LAN”, HTTP and FritzboxTR64 (all in version 1.14.0)
For some functions I didn’t found 2.5.x Bindings, so I can’t replace at the moment!

So my question is:
Will there be a version3 of thes bindings?

Thanks a lot


Wake on LAN will come with the OH3 Network binding. Relevant:

In general: this issue tracks the status of existing bindings, and what will happen in v3

Thanks, that fixes at least one of my issues :wink:
Do you know something about the other 2 bindings?

Wake on LAN



@hmerk has just linked the specifics. You can get back to those using the last link in my first post…

Thank you very much.
At the moment, it looks like there will be a 2.5.x (or 3.x) version for my bindings.
That solves a lot of problems for me.

Thanks for your support

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