OH3, Bitron Video Stick & Philips Hue Light Stripe

Hello togehter,

My Setting:

Raspberry 3+
Zigbee-Stick Bitron Video Ember EM35x
openhab Zigbee Binding

First time, sorry for the bad English I’m not a native speaker.

I try to use a Bitron Video Stick ( EM35x) with Philips Hue Light Strips.

The Stick is recognized on ttyUSB0, it’s online.
I found The Philips Hue Strip, after some problems it is initalized correctly, with two channels, color and color temperature. It’s online, too.

In my logs I can see, that I send commands to the Strip, but I don’t get an answer and the Strip dosen’t react.

I also can’t choose the color since the color wheel doesn’t open.

I set the user openhab to tty group and dialout

Someone an idea?

Thanks a lot and greats from Germany


Same symptoms as I had with (some, not all) Hue bulbs.
It would be great if you have a sniffer to confirm that the strip leaves the mesh.
I have not found the time to follow up this problem, I just use my Hue hub to manage these bulbs for now. And i know Chris is busy moving to another country.
I have started looking for newer firmware for the stick, but can not find any.
There was one other thread here with the same symptoms on a Bitronvideo stick with a Hue product too.

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looks like, there are differnt issues

Looks similar to an issue with the Lidl Bulb as follow and I guess @chris will check after he moved.
LivarnoLUX RGB doesn't change color

it is known issue , details are in the follow Topic:

I got from SMaBiT Support the information, that they like to change their policy about support and it is planned to release Firmwares in the comming next 2-3 Month on their WEB-Site.

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This I have to look into, to see how this behaves under OH3.
But it could be a long time before the binding notices that the bulb/strip will not dance.
Also, it apears that zigbee devices can leave the network if they decides so.
This should preferably be reflected by the UI in some way. A line in the log would also do it.
Time for a revisit anyways.

Still, this can be a unrelated problem.

Great! I better contact them too :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

Thank you first for all the suggestions.
i hope my english is understandable, i use google translate :slight_smile:
i had a cc2531 stick in use before, i could use the strip here, but the color selection was very tedious, as the colors jumped back and forth on their own are. At that time, too, it was necessary to tie in the strip several times until the color selection appeared, but the strip was online for several days. With the Bitron Stick I noticed this morning that the strip has switched to offline. So I see more of a connection between stick and binding than with the lamp. So far I have suspected of interfering with the pivcuu3, I will check this with a bare installation. I will report on. Has anyone ever run clean lamps over the Bitron stick?

best regards Charly

Yes, I have several bulbs on OpenHAB with the zigbee binding and a Bitronvideo stick: Ledvance/Osram, Ikeas and Hue.
In addition I have Wallplugs from Ikea and Ledvance.

hello Nils,

then I still have hope of solving my problem. I don’t have to enter a security code when initializing, do I? If so, how do I do it right?


No, I just add devices in MainUI on OH3 ( used PaperUI on OH2).
The troublesome devices have been Hue bulbs with bluetooth integrated.
(Not counting Lumi/Aqara sensors here)
I have a pile of devices waiting for some test and install time: Hue bulbs, Hue outdoor lights, Hue sensors and a Apex smart plug.

My strip also has bluetooth, unfortunately I don’t have any other devices to test yet, I’m still at the beginning. However, I find it very interesting that things went better with the cc2531 stick, if not really well. With the cc2531, however, I had the feeling that I had the wrong firmware, so I flashed it myself. Unfortunately, zigbee2mqtt is too cumbersome for me in the long run, otherwise it might be a solution. Faith OH remains an exciting hobby :slight_smile:

The Bitronvideo stick is zigbee v3 capable, while the cc2531 is not.
This my be why cc2531 works better. But the cc2631 is quite limited in hardware.
It has been some months since I researched this, so the details are forgotten now :slight_smile:

Agree :slight_smile:


I still have a lot to learn at openhab, but hopefully it will eventually … End for today, I’ll continue tomorrow. thanks to all

well, what a shame … today there was nothing with testing … too much work … I enjoy a new day

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