OH3 calendar widget for upcoming 5 events

I am new here. I have used OH2 (up to version 2.5) with HABPanel and migrated recently to OH3, struggling now to make pages work for me.
What I used to have is a family calendar in HABPanel which we all liked a lot and I am trying to recreate it in OH3 with pages.
I found a few examples for trash calendars in the forum but it seems complicated.
What I have is items for the next 5 upcoming events with start and end time and an event text. Those are coming from eventfilter.
Now I am looking for a widget to display them in order and maybe start and stop time in smaller text than the event itself so they are kind of grouped together.
I found a nice timeline widget but for that it seems I need to define a fixed number of events per day and of course that I rather like flexible.
Does anybody has a calendar list widget to learn from?