OH3: Can groups be used in ui pages to show all members?

in sitemaps it was possible to use the group as item - and all group members where shown e.g. in the frame.

Is something similar possible in pages (mainui) too? To specify the name of the group as item and all member are automatically shown then? As far as I can see, only single items are provided to select from - and no groups. Thanks!

Any of the widgets that support the action property (e.g., buttons, the cards, cells etc.) can be set to the group action. This will cause clicking on the widget to bring up a popup with all of the groups members displayed in a list widget.

If you want a widget that shows the group members directly, without the interaction first, then you’ll need to make a custom widget. This would be a fairly simple widget using a list card, for example, and an oh-repeater.

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