OH3: Cannot access zwave "View Network Map"

Unfortunately the Zwave Network Map does not work for me - latest snapshot installed. I have tried several mobile and desktop browsers. Are there any preconditions or settings?

There is one in OH3? I missed that.

Probably a bug, please open your browsers dev tools and report what you see in the console.

Nothing else? But I know what could cause the problem, it displays a graph using the nodes’ zwave_nodeid and zwave_neighbours but fails to check if those properties are set or have the right format (comma-separated for the neighbours). Probably one or more of your nodes don’t have these properties, maybe because they don’t work. I’ll try to harden the code to avoid this.


At the moment all z-wave things are online (green) and I cannot access the map. But I actually have two nodes that are not 100% reliable. My daughter also sometimes just turns off one of the plugs in her room. So if there is a possibility that the detection is a bit more robust, then - in my case - that would certainly be helpful.

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