OH3 charts and real time updates?

I have setup chart pages for several of my items in OH3.1 - they are fantastic but I was wondering if it is possible to enable real time updates just like HabPanel does? (I’m using InfluxDB in the backend for persistence)


Greetings! I’ve got the same difficulty. In OpenHab 2 was possible to get a chart to perform live updates by setting “refresh” in ms. So far I could not figure out a way to get a chart to display in real time (automatic refresh) in OH3. I’ve tried to enter refresh manually in the chart code but I could not see any effect. Does any one know how to do it? Is it supported in OH3?

I’ve setup a display with OH3 screens and few things I noticed:

  • most of the data seems to be updated in real time
  • the background charts on tiles are also updated

However, the page charts do not seem to have real time updates yet.

I was able to get a chart to update real-time as part of a custom widget as in the example by JustinG