OH3 Cloud - cannot Expose Items


today i switched from OH2 to OH3. All works fine, after i migrate all my MQTT Items to the new addon. I only have problems with Alexa. I have installed the cloud in OH2 and haven’t change something. I i go to “Settings->openHAB Cloud” i can click on “Items to Expose”, but in this list i miss a lot of items! My routines in Alexa doesnt work. Alexa doesnt know my items?! I i want to switch them manually on/off in alexa, i get no response. whats the Problem?

Sorry guys. I have had an typo in my alexa.items file. In oh2 it doese not matter… I closed one channel definition with two “}}”. Sorry!

You do not need to expose Items for Alexa. Sp many people were needlessly exposing Items ( I think IFTTT is the only one needing them) that the server was getting overwhelmed.

They quit allowing Items to be exposed in order to keep the free service operational. Those that need Items exposed for IFTTT are encouraged to set up their own instance of the cloud server software.