OH3 Color light bulb and Google Assistant

This does confuse me now, because a result of this whole thread was the desire to change the existing behaviour from what you describe to the other way around:
0 = low kelvin values = warm
100 = high kelvin values = cold

This is why I adjusted the implementation. So for you now it is expected to work “inverted”.

To make everyone happy, I might think about introducing also an “invert” flag for the temperature then…

For the other observations:
We can not do anything on how the home app / the assistant is behaving in terms of dealing with colors, so e.g. what colors are presented and to what kelvin values they refer. Same for the spoken commands - no influence on what is “warm white” or “cold white”. This is also why we probably need to live with what is currently presented there.

Yes, I think that would be the best choice :+1:t2: Thank you very much!

That hopefully will resolve all remaining issues (that we can tackle):


Thanks! I will check it out once it’s merged

It’s released. Feel free to try :slight_smile:

Works, thank you!

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