OH3 Configure Z-wave binding

OH 3 3.0.0~M5 on a Pi 4
using HUSBZB z-wave stick

How do I configure the z-wave binding?

I’ve looked all through the Main GUI but I don’t see it. Is it text-based?

I actually have that stick on my test system. You need to manually add the controller stick. Go to

Administration -> Settings -> Things

and click the + in the lower right corner.
Select Z-Wave Binding
Select Z-Wave Serial Controller
Enter the Serial Port You should be able to leave the other settings at their default.
Click Create Thing.

After you have the controller, adding devices is much easier.

do I still need to do the low level config of the driver?

got it thanks

If you mean the EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS then No. The openhab user needs group ( usually dialout) permissions to access the device, of course.

got it working without that. at least I’ve discovered a device!

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