OH3 connection error with influxdb 2

I can’t connect OH3 to my influxDB version 2 installation.
I get errors like

2022-01-11 22:41:10.659 [ERROR] [.client.write.events.WriteErrorEvent] - The error occurred during writing of data
com.influxdb.exceptions.InfluxException: connect timed out
	at com.influxdb.client.internal.AbstractWriteClient.toInfluxException(AbstractWriteClient.java:577) ~[bundleFile:?]
Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out

Any tips how I can search for the root cause?
This is my influxdb.config


in many if not in all cases mean that the services is not running or not running at the port you expect it to run.
First check if influxd is running and on which port it is running with e.g.:

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep -i influx

The output will show the ports the daemon is listening on.
Furhter output that could help should be available by running

sudo journalctl |grep influx

A few remarks.

  1. I can’t use your command on a docker install.
    I found a alternative:
    docker inspect -f ‘{{.State.Pid}}’ influxdb2.1.1.
    result = 14896 and then
    sudo nsenter -t 14896 -n netstat
    unfortunately my Synology doesn’t recognize nsenter.
  2. The docker is running so influxdb2.1.1 is running
  3. Influxdb2.1.1 has a GUI what I can access with the url from influxdb.config and after entering username and password I’m in.
    So I would assume that influxdb site fine.
    Do you agree? any other ideas?

What does your Influx DB Persistence configuration look like?


Hi please don’t spend time on this. I’t is working and will report the issue when I really understand the root course. Thanks for your help

Issue was related to the macvlan I created for the docker running OH3. I could connect from the browser on my PC to influxdb but OH not from the docker. This is solved and working.
Would be nice if the OH GUI would have a possibly to do a ping test.

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Seems a fairly clear message? What are you suggesting instead / as well

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