OH3 default page with switch for dimmer

In OH2 I used sitemaps to visualize everything. For my dimmeed lights, I added 2 entries in the sitemap, a switch and a dimmer. So I was able to dim the lights but also to turn off/on the light with one click (my dimmers remembers the last state, so this is very useful).

I’m just starting with OH3 and I’m working to get my symantic model right. When I add the dimmers, I only see a slider, it is possible to add a switch for the same item? Or is this only possible when I create my own pages with widgets?


You can override the widget shown by setting the “default list widget”. If you’ve a bunch of these, you should define a custom widget and then reuse that for each of your Items. See Example Custom List Widgets for example custom list widgets.

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A habit a brought from OH2 was to create a Switch Item linked to the dimmer. As you mentioned, very useful for one click control (as well as useful in HABPanel and Homekit).

I never created any widget myself and wanted to adjust your light_list_widget with some sliders, but I don’t see any preview window… Also used other browsers but nothing appears.

I never created a second item, I always added the same item in the sitemap but with another type (Switch / Slider), but this is working too! Although I see an error in the Thing (it switched correctly)

The preview pane can’t render List widgets because they are not inside a list card. I’ve already talked to Yannick about that, though it’s not clear if a fix is possible. You’ll have to apply the widget to an Item and refresh that page to see what you’ve changed reflected.

I don’t see that behavior.