OH3 - difference between Overview and Home Page in MainUI

I’m clearly missing something basic, but couldn’t find an answer in the documents or searching the forum.

What is the difference between these two pages: Overview and Home Page in MainUI?
I can’t find a way to navigate to the ‘Home Page’ without going into the ‘Pages’ section under ‘Settings’ as a logged in user.
I have ‘Overview’ set to be visible to un-authenticated users and it works on tablets, etc (eventually I will set up authentication) but I can’t find a way to put the ‘Home Page’ on the sidebar or somewhere that is not buried, which seems to contradict the concept of such a page.

What am I missing, other than caffeine perhaps?

It took me forever to try to figure this one as well. I had to watch the Openhab 3 video on youtube to watch the demo. At the top of any page (except Overview), there is a “Sidebar & Visibility” menu (3rd line from the top), open it and set “Show on Sidebar”.

That is what I expected as I see that on other pages I’ve created, but I do not have that on my Home Page option.

Ok, this is my understanding so I may not be 100% accurate here but the “Overview” page is the first tab on the page visible when you click the OpenHab “box” in the upper left corner. The “Home” page is the next 3 tabs (Location, Equipment, Properties). Using the Hidden Model Tab you can hide the extra tabs.

Frankly, after playing with OH3 for the last couple of weeks, I’m not sure I’m buying in to the new way of doing things. I remain committed to the Basic UI.

Yes, that makes sense. Thanks.

The simplicity of BasicUI is definitely comforting. I can see the power in the new MainUI but it is definitely a learning curve and my wife is starting to get mad that all I do is work on my migration. And I’ll have a long way to go as I am trying to take small steps so I don’t back myself into a corner, but simultaneously want it all done now.