OH3 does not respect the local timezone

Seems OH3 does not respect the local timezone.

  • I have set my timezone
  • I have restarted OH3
  • But OH3 logs are still showing wrong times (USA/LA)
root@openHAB:~# ls -l /etc/localtime
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 May  4 12:36 /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth
root@openHAB:~# date
Tue May  4 14:00:19 AWST 2021
root@openHAB:~# service openhab restart
tail $OPENHAB_LOGDIR/openhab.log
2021-05-03 23:02:47.448 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Time zone set to 'Australia/Perth'.
2021-05-03 23:02:47.486 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Location set to '-32.02732708763323,115.77975690364839'.
2021-05-03 23:02:47.497 [INFO ] [.core.internal.i18n.I18nProviderImpl] - Locale set to 'en_AU'.

As you can see OH3 is seeing the local TZ:
Time zone set to 'Australia/Perth'

But the timestamps are not correct in the log file.
Instead … they represent USA/Los Angeles time.

How do I get the correct timestamps in the log file?

BTW … this investigation started when my Rules were firing at the wrong times.

See Wrong timezone only for rules?

Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
that might reset it?

Thanks - that confirms my LA theory

root@openHAB:~# reboot
root@openHAB:~# date
Tue May  4 14:42:48 AWST 2021
root@openHAB:~# openhab-cli console -p habopen env | grep timezone
String          user.timezone   America/Los_Angeles

root@openHAB:~# ls -l /etc/localtime
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 May  4 14:45 /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth
root@openHAB:~# cat /etc/timezone

So my system TZ = Australia/Perth, but Java TZ is America/Los_Angeles

I have read the link you pointed me to … but it does not mention a fix.

How do I get the Java TZ correct?

In the webuid you have the possibility to set a timezone ( Settings => Regional Settings ).
If that does not help you also can set a timezone in /etc/default/openhab.
There are examples for the variable to be ( EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS ) in the /etc/default/openhab file.

But the logger uses the Java locale,not openHABs.


  • WEBUI => Settings => Regional Settings. These were already set to Australia/Perth but that did not affect the log file timestamps.
  • But !!! adding the following to /etc/default/openhab (and restarting openhab) DID fix the timestamps.


Thank you.

Bit of a pity that with the TZ correctly set in the linux system, and OH3 Admin Settings … it is still is not respected in the logs.

I will see tomorrow if setting EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Duser.timezone=Australia/Perth" fixes my Rules cron triggers.

What did you do when you installed Java? It usually tries to inherit from host OS.

Can’t remember if I installed Java before or after I set the TZ???

But … again … bit of a pity that on a reboot, (Zulu) JAVA does not take any notice of the system TZ. Seems a JAVA bug to me??? The ‘default’ JAVA TZ should not be USA/LA … but the System TZ.

Thanks for all the help. I would never have got this resolved by myself.


Happy to report that my rules ‘cron’ triggers now occur in my local TZ after making the change above.