OH3 Eclipse new installation errors

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: 11

I have problems with Eclipse IDE configuration for OpenHAB 3 Developing/Learning …
When Im install it Im select:
openHAB Development
openHAB Add-ons
openHAB Web UIs
openHAB Core Framework
and on all select version 3.0

After installation Im wait few hours to complete building/downloading(Im doing this on old slow i5 notebook) import maven project from existing path but I have a lot of errors…

Any hint how to fix them and what exactly Im doing wrong?

Issue fixed with installing VSCode(All installation, setup and first addon build&debug done in less than 30 minutes).

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For other people finding this topic.

If you want to develop a binding only select during eclipse installation:

  • openHAB Development
  • openHAB Add-ons

It’s the only thing that you need for binding development.

Ok, but what if you do want to change & build core?
At the moment the described steps to do not work on Linux and Windows.

After the first run all parent tags in pom.xml files are ‘incorrect’
Installing the m2e connector for the Maven Dependency Plugin
(com.ianbrandt.tools.m2e.mdp.feature.feature.group) solves this,
but I am not sure if this is the correct solution

Then it misses model items, running ModelGen.launch (again?), fails with errors, but seems to solve these errors.

But now I get many unresolved types.850 errors in total.
The first one being:

AllConfig cannot be resolved to a type
org.openhab.core.model.persistence/src/org/openhab/core/model/persistence/internal|line 134

Do any of the maintainers have an idea?

Or can someone with a working setup and/or enough knowledge about the openHAB build system try to do a full clean setup (e.g. in a VM):
Clean Ubuntu install
install Maven and make sure it is in the path
install Azul JDK 11 and make sure it is in the path and JAVA_HOME is set
Download eclipse installer.
Select advanced
Select all openHAB projects
Accept all licenses
Accept unsigned packages
Let in run…

And compare this to their working setup?

Many thanks!