OH3 Fan control with Alexa

I have a zwave fan working with Alexa where I can ask her to set the fan to a certain percentage, but I can’t ask her to turn it “off”.

I’ve added Metadata for the “powerlevel”:

it correctly appears in the Alexa devices:

Asking Alexa “Turn on Office Fan 50%” works perfect. I can also say “turn on Office Fan 0%” to stop the blades from spinning, but I would prefer to ask her to “turn off”.

I’ve added Metadata for the “endpoint.switch”:

which also appears in Alexa devices:

If I ask Alexa to “Turn off Office Fan”, she says that “Office Fan doesn’t support that”.

So, you can’t easy do this with the current skill implementation without adding a proxy item and some rules to control the on/off.

However, a new metadata syntax for the skill will be released shortly, including new fan capabilities that will match your setup. Feel free to join the beta test.

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That looks awesome. Is there a way to receive notifications when it is ready for release?

You can track the announcements category. An announcement will be posted once it is released to the live official skill.

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