OH3 front page Basic UI link


Running OH3 3.2.0M5 on Pi4 Docker x64

I’m focusing on BasicUI to begin with so that I can get things set up as quickly as possible.
It works great, and I can access it through http://openhab.lan/basicui/app?sitemap=default
(having set up a local DNS name) but have not been able to find a link to the basic UI from the main page. Where is it? Is there one? If not, how do I make one?

With the DNS alias it’d be great if I could tell trusted house guests to go to openhab.lan, click on the Basic UI link, bookmark, there’s the home automation controls.

On the upper right corner of MainUI klick on “Other Apps”.


You can also add a widget to main UI where people can click on or if you already have a local DNS setup a second DNS name forwarding to the right URL

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Oh my god you’re kidding me! It was right there all along. Thank you!

That sounds excellent! I would love to do that – but how does a second DNS name forward to the right URL? A DNS entry only forwards to an IP doesn’t it?

Does OpenHAB support “Shared Hosting” a’la web servers?

You can install nginx, what’s documented as revers proxy for openhab & included in openhabian, and add additional servers to the config.
If you google for nginx & virtual host / server block you should find a few tutorials.

But I need to admit, that theoretically it should work, but I have not tested it …