OH3 - Getting updates on swiper events


anyone knows if it’s possible to read out and triggering actions based on the currently active / visible swiper-slide of the f7-swiper component in the MainUI?

I tried it with the ‘on’ parameter mentioned in the docs and found something in the swiperjs vue documentation also mentioning the ‘SwiperSlide slot props’, but I’m not quite sure about the correct syntax or if it would work that way at all inside OH?

Or maybe this is part of a security-feature as it might allow inline javascript code execution?!

I know I could use buttons inside the f7-swiper-slide who will set a variable on click, but I would do this without any user-interaction if possible.

Sorry for tagging/bothering you @ysc - but you seems like the right contact for these type of questions to me. :slight_smile:

Hmm, sorry I don’t think that’s possible right now. What’s your use case for this?

Thanks for your answer!
I would like to use a swiper as the month-selection inside the calendar element…

…and also would see some usecases for the weather-widget, where I yould add a indication for the current active dayinside the hourly–forecast-slider, as I marked yellow in this screenshot.