OH3 globalcache read from serial port

Now that i have my globalcache serial device working and I can successfully turn my projector on and off i would like to query the projector status with a read of the serial port.

I have enabled 2 way but don’t know how to read from the device. I am on OH3 M4.

Define an item linked to the thing’s receive channel, then write a rule that looks for updates to the item.

Just to avoid issues you may want to upgrade. M4 was known buggy for many people & RC2 is now released.

I don’t see a receive channel to link to in the UI.

Thanks. I have updated to RC2.

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Thank you. checking the show advanced now gives me the receive channel.

I have linked an item to the recieve channel and created a label card the sends the status command to the channel but i now get an error in the log:

Thing gc100_06:000C1E00AC76 has unknown channel type channel-type-sl-receive

You’re trying to send a command to the readonly receive channel?

Send the command to the direct channel.

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