OH3 - Grafana charts in pages/widgets (webview) - HowTo?

Dear Community,

i want to rebuild my OH2.5 into a new OH3.

Is there any way to embed my grafana-chats into the new pages/widgets views?

I can’t find any documentations or examples. Did nobody try this yet, or am i just to stupid to see the obvious way on how to do it?

How do i embed a webview?
Of course i could use images generated by my grafana, but i want to have the controls for dynamic timepicking/scrolling and so on…


Nobody has done this yet?

I don’t know how to integrate the webview from grafana. But I think you have grafana running with influxDB?

You should connect then with influxDB and try the embedded chart view of OH3. I think it is very powerful where you can all do this.

Thanks for your idea.

I think grafana is (at the moment) way more powerful and beautiful and i can tweak a lot of the visuals.
Also the OH3 graphs seem to not work well with my InfluxDB1 (which i cant upgrade because of 32bit: OH3 Graph of Switch item)

In the latest OH3 RC2 i’ve seen they added a webview widget.
I will try this now.

Hi, did you succeed in this Grafana integration? I would like to do the same but didn’t find much information.

Thanks in advance.

I used this and it worked well: