OH3 - Group of Tradfri Colortemperature Bulbs


I’m trying to get a set of 7 Color-Temperature Lightbulbs from IKEA to act as a Group in OH3.

Each Lightbulb is detected and has a brightness and a color_temperature channel, which are linked to items as “Dimmer”. This is what Openhab did automatically when I tried adding the things into the model.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to find a way to create a group, which lets me easily control temperature and brightness for all 7 bulbs in a convenient way. If I just add all Channels of all Lamps to one group, the group only has the options to move sliders for all 14 channels individually. Maybe you have some pointers on how to do that from scratch?


Create a group with a number base type and then add all the color temperature channels to that group. You can do the same for brightness.